Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to Decorate With Faux Stone Panels

One of the hottest trends on the market today is faux stonepanels. Utilizing such a product in decorating adds a modern, rustic charm to any room or exterior. Best of all, the panels are affordable and practical and they transform any dull space into an experience. Following is some information you should be aware of prior to any redecorating and/or renovation project.

1. About Faux Paneling

Faux paneling is made up of a high-density, thin polyurethane. It can be designed to look like real stone, wood or brick yet is affordable, lightweight and easy to install. It was specifically designed for do-it-yourself installation, is virtually maintenance-free and can last a lifetime.
2. Adding Color Along with Texture

Whether needing to update the exterior or interior of a home or business, faux stone panels are poignant and inspiring. The mix of colors and natural textures can add a touch of elegance, authenticity and modernity to any room. A typical white wall can become a feature wall with stone panels that add timeless adaptability and classic appeal through natural colors and textures.

3. Combining Wood and Stone Panels

Interior design trends today are dominated by natural themes. The objective is to bring elements of the outdoors inside. For a home entertainment center, for instance, combining rich wooden elements with stone panels can take a piece of furniture from riveting to unforgettable. It's important, however, to be strategic about how the panels are installed. If you want to keep the wood as the primary focus, the stone panels need to be carefully placed to serve only as an accent. By tastefully integrating the elements, a complimentary look can be achieved without overpowering the space.

4. The Right Panel for the Right Space

Not only is the choice of faux paneling a key to changing the look of a room, but where it's put can have a huge impact as well. Just as with any natural element, the amount of light it gets and the colors and objects around it can influence how it responds in an interior space. When shopping for the perfect pieces it's important to remember that some have been created for both indoor and outdoor use while others are strictly for adding decorative elements inside the home or business. Whether used for an accent wall, to update a fireplace or for boarders around a bathtub, the amazing pieces available can make an awe-inspiring statement about an owners personality and style.

5. Installation Requirements
It's important to become familiar with installation requirements and improve skill level prior to tackling a project. Many home improvement stores now offer free weekly classes to those interested in learning more about a variety of projects and techniques for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, the installation of faux panels being just one. Things like substrate requirements, fire ratings that need to be addressed around fireplaces and any special tools required to complete the project need to be resolved prior to beginning work.

Installing faux stone paneling is right on trend and can make a huge change in an ordinary room or exterior that lacks luster. In order to guarantee the right panel is selected for the right space, studying the architectural components and configuration of the surfaces is important. In some cases corner pieces, specialized molding or other items may be needed prior to beginning the project. If you still lack confidence, especially on larger projects like the exterior of a home or business, professional installers are available upon request.

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